Ways Marriage Changes Your Relationship

You dream of meeting that special person. Someone you can enjoy, grow with, and share your life with. Marriage is beautiful, where two people become one, together forever. But there are changes and adjustments with every thing we do in life and marriage is the same. Let’s take a look at some things, humorous and serious, that change and effect our lives once we opt to take the plunge and repay.

1. The first thing about marriage is that today you can not look around at what’s available anymore. Put your sunshades on, ladies and gents, cause you can not have a roving eye. Marriage means commitment, fidelity, loyalty.

2. Instantly, your liberty changes. You can’t get up and go when you want to, where you want to, whenever you would like to. Now you’ve got to check in. Let your partner know you are leaving. You need to let them know where you’re going, and how long you will be.

3. Your social life changes. You can not hang out with friends and family at any hour. You have to come home because someone is there waiting for you. It’ll be your friends, his friends and our friends. Forget about all nighters, unless the one you love is with you. If you’re lucky, you might find a night out with the boys, or women. Good luck on that.

4. You better understand this word quickly: sharing. In marriage, you share a lot. You share space, the bathroom, each other’s thoughts, opinions, soap, bed, possibly the car, you get my drift.

5.Consideration is another word for your new vocabulary. Men, you have to put that down toilet seat from now on. Ladies, pick up those dirty undies. The days of shoes and clothes laying around are over. If your partner doesn’t like that, there will need to be alterations. In other words, two people live here, today. Two individuals who are each different in their ways. You need to always think of the other.

6.Shopping or spending money with a “family meeting,” is a no-no. See that pair of sneakers in Macy’s? If they’re costly, you have to talk it over with your co-leader. Men, you can’t go out and buy a boat, car, or motorcycle unless your co-leader has given the OK. Purchasing toys are up for approval. Shoes, jewelry, bags,cars, too, ladies. These items must be accepted, by two.

7. In-laws…Did I say something wrong? Perhaps you scored big and got in-laws you get along with, even like. That’s great. I’m happy for you. For the rest of us, you’ll be excited about spending your vacations, and maybe even vacations with your wonderful in-laws. Get ready to give up that time to hear sarcasm, innuendos, and insults, from either side. You might even have in-laws that like to be around a lot. It takes patience, love, and understanding to be about this “special” brand of individuals. Hear what I’m saying?

8. For many, you will be hearing the sounds of little, tiny feet running around your house or flat, and of course their cries and screams. Having a kid, I can tell you really changes your life. So, get ready. It’s a lovely part of marriage, but it’s serious duty. And, its definitely not for the faint-hearted, weak-willed, or wimpy.

9. Communication. We ladies know you guys do not usually like to talk like we do. We know that men are headliners and women, well, we’ve got the details. Every last one of those details, if you are like me. We don’t leave out anything. So, this calls for some adjustment. Men, you are patient listeners, now you’ll have to do some talking. Ladies, maybe we can talk, but get to the point a little quicker. I am still working on this, so I know. A good marriage has conversation. Meaningful conversation.

10. You really can not get mad and borrow those great lines from that Gloria Gaynor’s tune, “I Will Survive,” and tell your partner: “Go on, now go, walk out the door, just turn around now , cause you’re not welcome anymore.” Don’t you wish you could? That was a sexy tune back in the disco days.

Unfortunately, marriage is different from dating, where you are able to break up and get back together at will. Marriage is a commitment, intended for life in the event that you chose the right person. Thus, when you get angry, angry, perturbed, hot and bothered, you’ll have to stay and work it out.

Beautiful, challenging, awesome, different, and beautiful. I will check with you ten years from now and hopefully, you will feel the same way! Enjoy!