Warning Signs She’s Not Over Her Ex

In the dating world, few problems are worse than dating a woman who’s not over her ex-boyfriend. Men are naturally jealous of their girlfriends past flings, but it just makes it worse when the girlfriend is not over her ex. There are warning signs to find out if she still thinks about her ex on a daily basis, this article will appear at 10 warning signs that she is not over her ex.

If she starts to compare you to her ex boyfriend on a daily basis, such as “he was a better cook”, then you need to start to worry that she is not over her ex. When women talk about their ex compared, regardless of if you are better or not, she’s bringing up old memories, of which are best kept quiet.

She keeps photographs of him up on the wall.If your girlfriend is retaining photos of her ex lying around the house in public places she is most likely not over her ex. If you feel uneasy about the photographs you should discuss this with her, because she might not even have remembered she left them up. I had this problem once and my girlfriend completely forgot she left up old photographs, but was quick to take them down when I voiced my concern. Also, look out for mementos, like the big stuffed bear that Jim (her ex) won for her at the state fair. No guy wants to be reminded of what the old boyfriend got her, ever!

She still sees him from time to time. She goes to see her ex-boyfriend to get a cup of coffee every Saturday, but swears she’s just friends with him, in case you panic? YES. When your girlfriend sees her ex, she is still contemplating on what man she wants to be with, even when she is leaning towards you. The best solution would be to cut off all contact from the of your ex’s.

She compares your skills in bed. Ouch. The last thing any guy would like to hear is how he stacks up against the competition, especially if he comes up short. If she compares your performance with her ex-boyfriend then you clearly know she’s not him over, and is actually still thinking about him even during the most intimate moments.

She listens to her favorite song that she shared with her boyfriend. Music is an intimate part of a connection for a number of couples; songs often bring people close together by sharing a common bond. Virtually every couple has a song, and if she repeatedly listens to the song shared by her ex, then this is a clear warning sign she could still consider him.

She speaks to her ex online and on the telephone. If your lady were completely over her ex, would not she quit talking to him entirely? I have been in this situation, the only way to fix it would be to tell your girlfriend how you feel, and that she should casually end contact. When she continues to talk to her ex it brings up feelings of competition and extreme jealousy, which is not healthy in a relationship

She says that you would be good friends with her ex. Talk about any awkward situation, she is saying that you are extremely like her ex. Sharing common interests is 1 thing, but if she says that you two could be good friends, she’s implying that you’re like her ex, and that she is still not over him completely. Try to let this one fade away on its own, unless she compels you to actually hang out with him.