The Truth About Astral Body Projection

Astralreisen is thinking about learning more about astral projection Does unappealing of traveling through the ethereal realms sound exciting Or maybe you think the whole idea merely SILLY. and want to learn why so many people become true believers Or maybe, like I once was, you are CURIOUS, but a critical thinker. and simply want you can information as possible An individual decide to make your mind up What if I would tell you that easy astral projection has been PROVEN in order to true What if I were to tell you that there have been DOCUMENTED cases of that have seen very specific things from many miles away.

while they’re bodies were elsewhere along with their “astral eyes” reported things happening which are patently IMPOSSIBLE if the whole thing were a hallucination The truth is. both in the above statements are true, and I’m going to share next to nothing known facts Being successful you’ll appreciate, immediately below. : Filed Under: The Charles Tart Experiments Charles Tart is a reputable and well known, and highly regarded scientist to at the present time. his recent book, The End of Materialism, details his decades plus of scientific study for the paranormal Tart did a famous study with a woman who claimed staying able to the OBE pretty much on command, and who CORRECTLY identified a digit number placed close for the ceiling in room she had NEVER entered, while her physical body had been tested, in another part of developing.

she claimed her astral body traveled into the room, saw the number, returned. and reported it to the stunned scientists While you may be INCLINED to believe this any set right up. even die hard skeptics admit that the scientists involved in this study were of unimpeachable character, simply no “conspiracy” or fraud was possible. Need to often cited as the Mrs. Z case, and also you can realize in the astral projection literature, amongst ‘s of other secure cases Filed Under: Remote Viewing and Astral Travel Being able to see things from FAR away, while your body is “local” is called remote witnessing.

seeing remote objects while your consciousness or brain is “local”. : Many from the most successful remote viewers claimed to be out of their bodies too the astral realms while picking up information. which INCLUDES numerous the subjects of the CIA’s year plus study into this practice for on the road of developing psychic Spies! it was called OPERATION STARGATE, and to this day, is some of probably the most impressive evidence that ordinary people become trained to enjoy EXTRAORDINARY things we’ve experienced. and you can purchase a Western government, believe it or not! The net profit Astral projection is the MOST fun, liberating and life changing experience it is imagine.