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Mr Morrison has offered the anniversary of the referendum on May as a likely date for a new national day. Indigenous Health Minister Ken Wyatt suggested it could coincide with NAIDOC Week in This summer. Mr Wyatt, who has Noongar, Yamatji and Wongi heritage, said the Prime Minister’s idea was a “great step forward”. Mr Abbott, merely recently appointed fireworks sydney the government’s special envoy on Indigenous affairs, praised Mr Morrison’s defence of Australia Day and criticism of local councils but declined to back the idea that are of a new national day.

“I probably would for you to hold judgment on any alternative national day for Indigenous people until I saw the proposal and he stated that that was might help he might further develop,” he said. “Because we’ve already got things like NAIDOC Week and National Sorry Day and such like. And really I think the emphasis and I’m sure this would be the number one Minister’s emphasis is on all pulling together on Australia Day, being likes to show off what we’ve achieved.” He added it was in order to acknowledge Indigenous Australians and said this was already done in various ways, including on Australia Particular date.

“We want it for you to become honoured and celebrated. So i don’t think there is any desire, on negligence anyone, to exclude Aboriginal people from the celebration of Australia Day,” he said. National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples cochair Rod Little welcomed discussion about a different day of recognition but said it was also necessary to acknowledge injustices committed against Indigenous Australians since colonisation.